About The Universal Artist Guild

Welcome to the home page of The Universal Artist Guild. The Universal Artist Guild hopes to make it easier for struggling independent artists by connecting them with each other and with potential clients. If you are an artist, looking for ways to promote yourself, or if you’re a person looking for artwork, check us out.

Why UAG?

What’s the point of having a guild? Aren’t guilds some archaic thing from the dark ages? Not at all. A guild is just an organization that helps independent contractors and soul proprietors survive the struggle of making a living. And if the term “starving artist” is any indication, the struggle is real, when it comes to artists. We hope to provide access to valuable tools and supplies, and eventually, perhaps help with art education as well.

Again, why? There are colleges for that. Sure, but look at the ROI for a college degree in fine art. According to Salary.com, a painter/illustrator makes roughly $38,000 a year (median). Given the price of tuition, that comes out to an ROI of 58%, if you’re going to a public school. Private schools end up with an ROI of about 17%. That’s a horrible return on investment. We think guilds can do better.

Universal Artist Guild

It’s in the name. This guild is a universal guild for artists, whether visual arts, performing arts, or any other form of art. If you are an artist, of any sort, this group is for you.


If you’re interested in promoting your artwork, feel free to join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter.

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uartguild/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/uartguild
Twitter: @uartist_guild

The Universal Artist Guild is a proud member of the Guild Association.